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Airbus H125 – 1 Pilot – 5 Passengers, 6 if one is a child

Airbus H125 – 1 Pilot – 5 Passengers, 6 if one is a child

The H125 (formerly known as AS350) AStar is a single-engine workhorse with the best performance in its category. Built and certified in the United States, this cost-effective helicopter accommodates five to six passengers in all forward-facing seats. High performance, enhanced maneuverability and reduced pilot workload make Airbus Helicopters, Inc.’s H125 the preferred rotary-wing aircraft for a growing number of U.S. civilian users, air medical services and law enforcement agencies. The H125 offers fast cruise speeds, 30 minute take-off power, long engine TBOs (6,000 hours mature) and low DMCs.

Max weight: 5,225 lbs.      Capacity: 1 pilot + 5/6 passengers
Powerplant: 1 Turbomeca Arriel 2D        Fast cruise: 137 kts.
Empty weight of standard aircraft: 2,816 lbs.


Maximum takeoff weight: 5,225 lbs.    Useful load: 2,409 lbs.

Usable fuel capacity (standard tank): 143 gal.

Powerplant: 1 Turbomeca Arriel 2D

Cabin volume: 105.94 cu. ft.

Baggage compartment volume: 35.3 cu.ft.

Standard seating capacity: 1+5

Never exceed speed: 155 kts.    Fast cruise speed: 133 kts.

Maximum range (with no reserves): 336 nm.